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To promote unity between all races by providing quality and stylish merchandise that people are proud to wear enabling our commitment to give to children.

Bold enough to wear - Brave enough to care - Compassionate enough to share


Our goal in the first year is to sell 4 million bracelets by January 1, 2011. This aside from any apparel or other items, will raise approximately $1,360,000 for children's ministries that provided food, clothes, shelter, medical, and mentorship. Since it is the intention to sell most of our bracelets through churches i.e. authorized agents as fundraisers, this will provide an additional 4 to 8 million dollars that would go directly to the supporting churches.

The purpose of acquiring churches as authorized agents is twofold. First is so that the churches that use it as a fundraiser can be the direct beneficiary of all profits. (jllcw, ac= and the four color bar exemplifying unity have all been registered as trademarks for our protection) The second is, I just flat feel better about the children of God explaining the vision.

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